my name is linnea (lin-nay-yah) villegas (vee-ay-gus).

i grew up a child of the redwoods in the small town of arcata, california, surrounded by a raw natural beauty and easy going pace that still lures my soul...

westmont college is what brought me to santa barbara ('03) and i consider myself blessed beyond belief to still call this place home, to be doing what i love in a place that brings me so much joy.

funny enough, it was at westmont (where i studied hispanic studies) that my interest in attending massage school really peaked. despite having never taken an actual class in the trade, i ran an underground side biz out of my dorm room giving massages (think blankets and pillows on the floor, candles a plenty, and tracy chapman on the stereo) and charged something like $15 for a half hour treatment. it was four years later, the summer after my senior year, that i started my official training at the santa barbara body therapy institute and thus commenced my massage journey...

my practice here in town didn't start immediately out of school. south america came first. but it was while i was in south america, during those months living in buenos aires, that i purchased a massage table, threw my skills up on craigslist, said my prayers and got to work. the ease in which i was able to dive so easily into this newfound passion of mine was liberating and empowering.  these first real world experiences i had while abroad administering this incredibly powerful tool were thankfully all positive and truly life changing- all setting the tone for a healthy and positive energy in which to grow back home.

once back in santa barbara, i continued with my studies while working as a caregiver, all the while laying the foundation for my private practice.  i graduated from sbbti at the end of 2010 and moved into my studio in the spring of 2011.

as you may have already guessed, i am over the moon for travel/adventuress runs in my blood. polished or gritty, i'll take it. i swoon over beautiful interiors and aesthetics. farmers market days are my favorite days. yoga, pilates, and hiking are my preferred activities.

i strive for balanced life filled to the brim with wellness, creativity, fun, fulfilling work, and healthy, wholesome relationships.

blessed to be doing what i love and i am hopeful to share this passion of mine with you xxx